Thursday, June 6, 2013

Product Spotlight: Ranger Inkssentials Craft Scrubbie

...a.k.a. "Ode to my Craft Scrubbie!"

Seriously, I love this thing!  I've been thinking about devoting a post to it, so here goes!  :-)

If you're not familiar with the Ranger Craft Scrubbie, it looks kind of like a bath-size bar of soap, but it's made out of grey foam, and super light.

And if you work with inks or paints that stain your hands all sorts of pretty shades, it's like magic for getting them clean again.  One of the things I hate when I'm crafting is getting ink on my hands, and then I touch a white area of my project, or switch to a new project, and boom!  There are fingerprints in whatever colours I've been working with.  To avoid that, I'll frequently duck away to the sink, give my fingers a quick scrub, and away I go again!

So how does it work?

Well, here I am, nicely stained with dried Distress paints:

I head to the sink, and wash with water, hand soap, and my scrubbie:

Et voila!

The scrubbie is a gently abrasive surface, that makes quick work of whatever's on my hands without scraping or harsh chemicals.  It basically just exfoliates the skin (and my fingers always feel a bit smoother when I've used it!).  

Here's another before-and-after, this time with Distress stain:


I've used it to remove alcohol ink, Staz-On, Archival ink, acrylic paint, and all manner of Distress products from my hands without any difficulty.  I even use it for non-craft purposes, to remove blue dye from my hands when I re-dye the streak in my hair!  (Anyone who's ever used Manic Panic know it stains skin almost instantly, and I rarely bother with gloves.)

In short, I have yet to stain my hands with anything this little scrubbie can't handle!  It is one of my favourite craft "tools"!  :-)


I'd like to make Product Spotlight a semi-regular feature on my blog.  I have a lot of random products and tools, and I'm more than happy to share about them, if there's perhaps something you've seen in the store, but you're not sure just what you can do with it.  :-)  

Please comment below if there's something you'd like to see me show/share/review, and I'll see what I can do!  

'Til next time!


  1. Great review, I had no idea!!! Good job on the tutorial.

  2. I love those scrubbies, too! It takes off all forms of acrylic paint, too! Even around your nails. I look forward to more product spotlights.